Earn real money sharing beautiful hairdos with your friends and family this season!

What to Know

Who can participate in this Referral program?

For now, all MyHairDo app users with a Ghanaian mobile phone number can participate.

How do I join the program?

Download the MyHairDo app and register your account with a valid Ghanaian phone number to be eligible for this referral program. Lastly, start sharing your favorite hairdos with your friends and family!

What will I be paid for and how much can I earn?

You will be paid ₵5 for each ‘successful referral’. And you can earn as much as ₵2000!

How and when will I be paid?

At the end of the month we will calculate your total number of successful referrals and your earnings will be paid into your provided mobile money account.

Will both women and men be eligible as a successfully referred friend?

MyHairDo as a service and app is specifically designed for women, with the aim to bring them added value in their hair discovery process. To prevent any (future) disappointments by potential male users in our services, a referred male user will not qualify under the affiliate program of MyHairDo. Any male users referring successfully female users of the MyHairDo app will be paid out under the affiliate program, under the condition that the requirements for a successful referral are met. 


In case of any disputes on the above, MyHairDo holds the right to decide which referrals do qualify for a pay out under the affiliate program.   

‘Successful Referral’

This is defined as a unique user share that led to a download of the MyHairDO app either on android or iOS.

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