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Summer is here!!!!

Are you getting pumped while preparing for the holiday and packing the bags for vacation or you are just eager to finally have a ‘me’ time right there in your apartment?

With the sunscreen and the swimsuit nearby, everyone is hoping to let their hair down and have fun while they can. As the preparation for the execution of your summer plans is ongoing, have you figured out what hairstyle you want to wear yet?

Due to the harsh and dry weather, summer often is known as the season for protective hairstyles for afro-textured hair. This is why we have decided to put together 15 hot ‘red’ hairstyles that will not only keep your hair away from manipulation but also protect the hair from damage while you maintain that beauty and have all the fun this summer!!



Once it’s summer, everyone knows it’s cornrows season!

The hairstyle is known not only for its stylish looks but also the easy access to moisturization and hydration while the hair is completely tucked away from the harsh sun during the season.


Knotless braids are also a type of protective hairstyle, the braids start with the hair before the attachments are added later on. This helps in avoiding tension or pulling of the hair strands and manipulation of the hair. The hairstyle also makes it easier to moisturize the hair and keep it hydrated.


Bantu knots has always been a hit afro-textured hairstyle for any age, having originated from South Africa, the hairstyle is also a protective hairstyle that can make heat-less waves and tight coils in the afro-textured hair. The smaller your knots, the tighter your coils, and you can wear the large knots to make loose waves instead.



Braids is one of the popular and trendy hairstyles especially in the afro-textured hair community. Different length, different packing style, but same protective style.


Senegalese twist is one of the popular hairstyles worn by braids lovers, it permits the color mixing and keeps the hair tucked away from harsh weather while serving its braids purpose.



Twist out is one of the afro-textured hair trendy hairstyles. The hairstyle makes the coils and kinks of the hair more prominent, the hairstyle can last for about 14 – 18 days. The most important thing is to keep the hair moisturized. 


The fineapple hairstyle is more like a loose twist out high ponytail with your coils and kinks piled up together, looking more like a pineapple.The hairstyle serves as a form of coil and kink protection, and it does not last long.


Faux locs are the easier route into having the locs hair, it is made to resemble dreadlocks but they can be loosened unlike dreadlocks. The hair is braided and tucked into the locs in a crochet form. 



The half cornrows – half braids hairstyle is a hairstyle that everyone has made at some point, it’s a way of mix-matching braids and cornrows. I mean, why wear one hairstyle when you can wear two!


Locs are generally known for keeping the hair tucked in with no manipulation on the hair, unlike the faux locs, the butterfly locs give a more messy look but the hair is still tucked into the locs just like that of the faux locs.


The ponytail is either attached to the tip of a brushed up hair or a weave packed in an up-do style, the hairstyle fits all occasions. Summer with your weave or afro-textured hair in a ponytail is a summer well spent and enjoyed.


Space buns is a hairstyle packing style, just like the braids in the picture above. Braids are not the only hairstyle you can pack in space buns, you can do it with your natural hair or with your weave. Keep it cute!

More summer-worthy hairstyles and inspiration can be found on MyHairDo app, and can be downloaded from playstore and applestore. 


Keep enjoying your summer while your hair stays fully protected – MyHairDo


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