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Nowadays, colors have found a way to make everything more vibrant and elegant.

You might be seeking a fresh style. Adding trendy colors to your hair is one way to shake up your usual style and spice up your box braids. There are many beautiful colors to choose from, and there are some eye-catching braids with shades listed here to get you started. From vibrant colors to statement shades to beautiful ombres, there is something for everyone. 

Braids and cornrows will always be a big part of any afro-textured hairstyle. It’s one of the few hairstyles that require little upkeep. It’s a protective style that keeps your hair from being visible and safe from manipulation, as well as a very multi-functional way to wear your hair. Listed are some ways of blending colors;


Do not be surprised that we are staring with one of the brightest colors on the planet. When it comes to braids or cornrows, pink can be blended with any dark color or used separately. Try it with blue, black, green or any darker shade. 


One thing to keep in mind when mixing colors is never underestimating neutral colors, they have been discovered to always turn out really ‘cool’ and more appreciated by ladies in college and tertiary institutions. A perfect example is the brown-platinum blend. 


When black is blended accurately and perfectly with colors, it reduces the brightness while maintaining the exciting feeling. It is especially noticeable when black is blended with bright colors like mint green, pink, and sky blue. This blend is commonly used by women who work 9 to 5 jobs and want to keep their hairstyles chic and professional.

                                            Source: @slayed_by_liz


Sometimes, blending two colors is not enough. Ever tried three neutral colors, or two neutral with a bright color?

With all the exciting colors and shades, why stick to just one?

Do not be afraid to add one more, let your creativity soar like a painting on a blank canva. 

                                        Source: slayed_by_liz


Just like the example of the end result in the image below, there are several 4-colors blend that could end up giving you the perfect shade you want. 

More colors, more statements!

                                            Source: slayed_by_liz


This will always be the boldest blend, no matter the hairstyle it is used on.

Using all the colors of the rainbow and not mixing them together. It sounds like making your hair do all the talking while adding personality to it. 

Talk to your stylist, and make inquiries about which of your favorite color blends will give a perfect shade. 

Enough with the popular colors, it is time for your hairstyles to undergo color experimentation. Try several shades and see what you like best or what shade you prefer. Bring out the edge and beauty of the usual cornrows by introducing more colors, either halfway or right from the root.

A perfect time for color adventure!


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