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Summer vacation is officially over for most people, it is currently back-to-school and back-to-work time once more. This season is one of the most stressful times of the year for most parents, from getting the kids’ hairstyles to school supplies, and a new wardrobe, everything screams newness. Protecting your child’s hair requires the use of the proper protective styles. It is also officially time to resume college and work, and of course time to take out the summer hairstyles for work-presentable ones. 

There are numerous girl hairstyles that can be introduced to your children with or without accessories, ranging from box braids to bobby pins and the top knot. However, you must ensure that they are appropriate for back-to-school students. To minimize distractions in class, one should choose a hairstyle that is out of their face and not disrupt their day-to-day interactions.

Excessive flamboyance may be counterproductive and not acceptable at the workplace, some places may prohibit it. Even if they allow it, it may draw unwanted attention to you. The most important thing is to understand what your child likes and what you think is best for her because of her face shape and hair type, and you both come to a compromise when making the hairstyle decision.

Here is our 10 ‘resumption’ hairstyles;



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This hairstyle is one of the basic and most appropriate for all occasions for afro-textured hair, with the high puff supported by either a cornrow (like the one in the picture) or simply brushing up the hair and packing it. The parent is concerned that the puff is not too tight or causes tension in the child’s hair. To prevent headaches and damage to your afro-textured hair, it is safe to ensure the puff is not too tight. In the case of children, ensure the child feels at ease with the hairstyle.



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The space bun has always been a suitable hairstyle for all ages, and the style will not go out of style anytime soon. Why not sweeten it up for your kids now? Space buns involve weaving the child’s hair to accommodate two buns (known as two shuku in Nigeria), and adding colorful and non-harmful hair accessories. You can also encourage your child to choose a favorite accessory, to make the child feel included in the process.



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Bantu Knot is a conservative yet classy hairstyle, also suitable for all ages and occasions. The right stylist understands how to roll the knot so that it will not create any tension on your scalp or damage your hair. The hairstyle being a protective hairstyle is an additional bonus.



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There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing plain weave on your resumption week. It is easy, simple and perfect for children or adults who have little or no interest in using hair extensions.



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Fulani braids, also known as half cornrow-half braid, are another Nigerian trend that originated with the Fulani tribe. Why try one hairstyle when you can combine two?

This hairstyle combines braids and cornrows and is adorned with accessories (you will be surprised with how much adults now use hair beads); it can be long or short (the shorter length is recommended for kids).



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Braids come in different forms and styles, while box braids, Senegalese twists, and knotless braids are protective hairstyles that are fitting for all ages. The Senegalese braids, just like the name states, originated from Senegal but have been adopted by every other African country.



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Recently, the stitch cornrow hairstyle started making waves and pulling trends. Why?

Well, we could say because the hairstyle takes a step farther than the usual and common cornrows. It is also wearable for all ages and occasions. Resuming back to school/work with such hairstyle, is like resuming a step farther from common. 



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When it comes to twist braids, there are so many boxes that are being ticked. Protective (check), Chic (check), Fitting for any occasion (check), Styled in many ways (check) and lets not forget Perfect for any weather ( double check). 



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Not in the mood for an ‘over the top’ hairstyle?

Have you ever tried the two-rows cornrow?

All you need is little or no extensions with your hair weaved in just two rows and you will be good to go. 



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Box braids need no advert, it is quite popular amongst ladies and even children. It is everyone’s go-to braid, not because it is the most common but because it is also easy to make for everyone and every face shape.

For more hairstyles, you can download the MyHairDo app from the Play Store (on android)  and AppStore (on apple products). It is free and has over 3,000 hairstyles with their description and the complemented face shape. 


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