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Hair length is one of the factors to consider when selecting a hairstyle; everyone wants to ensure that the style is appropriate and complementary to their hair length. Many ladies find it burdensome to choose hairstyles because they lack the length required for popular hairstyles, resulting in disappointment and frustration. There are, however, hairstyles for afro-textured hair of any length and size available.

Is the length of your hair incompatible with a hairstyle from the MyHairdo app?

Have you looked through the MyHairdo app’s short hairstyle section?


Ever tried dreadlock?

Not only does the hairstyle help promote hair growth with no manipulation or tension on the hair, but it is also easy to maintain and can be styled in several ways. Dreads have now become a trendy hairstyle among people who want to keep their hair in a healthy position for a long time and not worry about a new hairstyle. With dreadlocks, all you need to ensure is proper hair treatment and cleaning.


Looking around, it appears that black or brown afro-textured hair is falling out of favor, and other colors are taking the lead in the hairstyle department. Pink, red, orange, gold, wine, and several others are becoming “the new black” in the hair industry. It’s worth noting that the presence of chemicals in the hair makes it more prone to dryness. Due to this detail, it is encouraged that once you’ve colored your hair, the moisturizer should be your best friend.


Women in Africa used to find it difficult to cut their hair because there are beliefs that surround ladies or women getting a low cut. These beliefs became the societal norm and the primary definition of a lady cutting her hair. Crop cut or low cut is now worn not only as a result of a medical condition, but also as a personal preference or fashion trend. Ladies now cut their hair to symbolize a “new beginning” to a healthy hair lifestyle or simply because they want to. In hot weather, a crop cut is more appealing; the shorter length makes it easier to hydrate and retain moisture.


One constant in life is change; once upon a time, the mohawk was associated with criminals and unserious people, but that has changed. Nowadays, the mohawk can be worn by everyone and anyone on every occasion. The hairstyle looks especially good on afro-textured hair, where the coils are ‘hailed’ right in the middle.

Another fun thing about this hairstyle is that, even other hairstyles can be styled to mohawk. Sounds fun, right?


The tight coils of afro-textured hair cause kinkiness and frizziness; the tightness distinguishes the hair from the rest. These coils also produce a dense head of hair that is easily tangled and lacks natural luster. The tight ringlets with dense spirals and zig-zag patterns distinguish coils from curls. To achieve defined curls in afro-textured hair, use a good curl definer after washing for this hairstyle. Freshly washed afro-textured hair has more defined curls than dry hair.

Wearing curls is elegant enough for any occasion.


Finger wave is a hairstyle that involves shaping of hair while wet into an S-shaped curve with the fingers and a comb. The hairstyle has been present and well known in Africa since the 1930’s and it has shown recently that its going nowhere. The finger waves are easy and quick to make for people with short hair and can last long with the application of hair spray.


Do you know that your hair does not have to be long before you can wear bantu knots?

Bantu knots also known as Zulu knots which originated from the Zulu people of southern Africa are hairstyles primarily worn by African women. They are basically small coiled buns made by twisting small sections of the hair. Bantu knots can be worn by anyone with any hair length and even people with braided hair and locs.


You’re too tired to sit down and style your short hair?

Is it too late to wear your weave to a meeting or hang out?

Is it too hot for you to wear your wig?

Why not comb out your well-moisturized hair and proudly wear your afro?

On days when you have nothing to do with your hair, we recommend wearing the afro out after proper moisturization. There is no manipulation, tension, or pull.


Do you feel the crop cut is too rigid?
Several haircuts are trendy and beautiful nowadays that can be worn by both men and women; males are no longer the ones shown the haircut styles.
Speak with your stylist or check out your options on the MyHairdo app before before making a choice.


Packing short afro-textured hair can be difficult because it does not meet in the middle and falls out after it dries.

Why not experiment with a half-afro-half bun or space buns?

You’re ready to go once your edges are laid and your hair is well-moisturized.


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